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My beautiful baby boy (cousin)

My hands still smell faintly of that good baby smell that seems to accompany the newest ones. I've still got a goofy happy feeling all around me. Why? Because I just met my newest cousin, S today! Him and his mommy took a little surprise trip up to lovely AZ to see all of us, and lemme tel you- it was a wonderful evening. I love, love, love babies. I am my happiest with a little one in my arms, and tonight was definitely no different. And I got double the loving, because my baby cousin, E, came too! She is so, so sweet. So when one was being held, I entertained the other. But oh, how special it was to just have such a tiny life in my arms for just a little while. I was the only cousin he smiled at- and he smiled a lot (that right there made my WEEK). Here are some shots I snuck in when nobody was looking-and yes, I've already edited some:

My sweet little primo.

(p.s.... guess who just completed her 300th post??! This girl!! Thanks for sticking with me so long, and reading up on my insane life.)
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