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A different view of it.


With 9/11 coming up, I was planning on a special post for that day, but then I had a dream that changed things up and gave me a new perspective.
In my dream, I was in New York, wandering around and exploring the new sites and sounds that lay sprawling before me. I had just walked about the WTC 1, and was headed for the entrance, when I heard a thud. Moments passed by, and I didn't register what had happened until I was lost in a swarm of people. What was happening? My worried looks were answered by panicked screams: "The tower! It's been hit!"

Realization struck me, and I joined the throng of people, trying to escape as fast as possible, because now debris was beginning to fall. I stepped out of the way just as an iron beam came crashing down to the ground, killing someone instantly. Horrified, I tripped and found myself face-to-face with a crying little girl. I picked her up and ran to a nearby tunnel, where she found her mother.
Then I ran back to the tower, knowing I just had to help. I found my friend Selena just as the second plane hit. I grabbed her hand and ran, trying to save her, but we were separated by yet another huge chunk of debris. I had lost track of her, and it was too late to look anywhere. I just had to trust that she would be okay, and ran back trying to help. I held object out of the way so people could pour into a tunnel, safe from the flying fragments.

At last, after both the towers had crumbled, I dared to venture out. I was sobbing uncontrollably, thinking of the hundreds of innocent lives lost, how many families just lost a friend, a lover, a sibling. I cried even harder when I realized that could have been me. 

I searched for my friends, and cried once again when I found them safe and sound, because what if they had been killed? I wouldn't be able to live with that pain.
The dream ended with us walking away, ash-covered and linking arms, facing a changed nation. I was surprised at how real this dream seemed to me, and how this very well could have been true for someone on that fateful day. I'm grateful that my loved ones and I were kept safe, and I'm grateful to live in such a strong country.

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