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The case of the mysterious photographs.

Whilst frolicking with my lovely camera, I stumbled upon...
I certainly hadn't taken them, no, the angles were too... Abstract for my taste. But there they were, and there was nothing I could do but sift through them and find the culprit. So without further ado, I present:
 If I'm not mistaken, this appears to be one of the blue chairs we use at the computer.
 This is a picture of the computer, so obviously the mystery photographer was using the camera there.
 This seems to be the carpet, so naturally, the photographer was inside at the time of the pictures.
 This is another view of the computer desk, so the person in question clearly wanted to inspect the underbelly of the desk.
 What's this? A foot? It appears to be quite small, chubby, and bare, so it couldn't be any of my sisters. I'll check them off the suspect list.
 This is the culprits little knee- am I sensing vanity? Why is this person so fascinated with their legs?
 More carpet. The plot thickens.
The final shot of evidence, with a toe in the corner. With the invaluable information I have gathered, I have decided that the photographer in question is none other than...
The notorious brother, Thing 2! Only a person so cunning as he would have the audacity to take repeated pictures of his legs and then leave them on my device, knowing I would find them and become most perplexed. But now I've solved the mystery! I can rest in ease at last!

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