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Last night, I dreamed that I was in Seminary, when my daddy pulled me out of class. I was with him, Geneal, and Savannah, and we were all staring at a long dirt road, covered in huge puddles of water. They were so big, there was no way to avoid them. The only way out of them was to go through them. Suddenly, a horse appeared by Dad, and we all got on. Each time the horse approached a puddle, we had to trust that we'd get over safely, and the horse somehow always made it over them. Then we got off the horse, and my dad told us we were going to do it on our own. It looked impossible to do, due to the sheer size of them, and I was worried we'd land in the murky water without help. Then my dad took my hand and said that as long as I had faith, I could make it over them. So, hand in hand, my dad and I jumped. At first, it was simple, and I thought I could do it myself, but then, I realized that this puddle was bigger than I thought. I looked to my dad, and he carried me the rest of the way over with his strength.
With his help, I never touched the water.
After we had reached the end of the road, and all of us were together again, my dad looked at us and told us to think of those puddles like trials.
When we first see a trial stretching ahead of us, we realize that we have to go through it, and there's nothing we can do about it except have faith that we'll make it. And whenever we doubt, whenever we are having trouble seeing the end of this trial, our Father will help us through it. I am going to have trials. Lots of them, and often I won't know how I'll ever make it through. But as long as I remember that my Heavenly Father is right by me, I'll make it through.



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