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The story of how I acquired a 45+ admirer

The first day of our Basaseachi adventure included a trip to a restaurant in search of sustenance. This restaurant included extremely low ceilings, NEON NEON NEON yellow-and-green walls, and entertainers. The entertainers included three tone deaf men in matching blue outfits, with an accordion, and two guitars. They got up and posted themselves squarely in one corner, and began the serenade.
They were show-stoppers, that's for sure. My grandpa told us to applaud, and me, believing that everyone deserves the chance at an enthusiastic audience, applauded like I'd just heard Taylor Swift, and flashed them my most winning smile. Apparently, this was encouragement enough, so they decided to mix it up a bit with some killer dance moves:
I applauded once again, and smiled even wider- who couldn't? They were so funny! This was fuel for more dancing, and then I realized a peculiar pattern. Whenever I looked down to eat, (their fries were really good) or to talk to Geneal, they would stop dancing. Then I'd look back up, and the accordion dude (I'll call him Javier) would start dancing as well as could be expected from one lugging an accordion. Was he... Flirting?
Alright, buddy.
Two can play that game.
So I tossed my hair, smiled, giggled, applied lipgloss, and played it as flirty as I could- it's not like he would ask me for my number, anyway. Might as well have oodles of fun. And boy howdy, he lapped it up like a kitten to milk! His dancing got more frequent, and soon he started winking and waving and throwing words out into the song like "amor", and "corazon", and stuff like that. It was the most fun I'd had in a while. Then we left, Geneal and I giggling furiously.
Sometimes being an American girl has its perks. ;^)



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