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Image is everything... At least in high school.

I don't care what you say- image is soo important these years. I'm not talking about makeup and clothes (although they play a major part in building an image), but who you are in high school. You can be the nerd, a geek, a popular snob, a popular nice person, a ditz, a REALLY big ditz, class clown, jock, flirt, the list goes on and on.
When I started my Heritage career, I soon gave up on being popular, (who knew that skinny blondes really WERE born to be popular?) because it was so not me. I was happy to be the quiet, chubby girl who was just growing into her teen years. But I soon discovered that that wasn't me either. I was bound for greatness... Or at the very least, bound for a few laughs. So I re-invented myself as the witty class clown, and it's worked very well. I'm very extroverted now, and totally comfortable making fun of myself.
In fact, my Bio teacher said of me today, "someone ought to start writing down everything this girl says. Either she's VERY original, or she's addicted to YouTube." -for the record, I'm not addicted. A video now and then, and I'm good.- That was one of the cooler compliments I've gotten this week, especially since it was exactly what I was shooting for.
Being the class clown isn't easy, of course. It takes planning, precision, wit, bravery, and the ability to know when enough is enough. But sometimes it gets so fun just cracking endless jokes that you end up overboard and it's obvious you're fishing for laughs, and you end up red-cheeked in front of everyone.Like I said, though, it has major perks. Getting someone to laugh is just the greatest feeling, isn't it?

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