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Beauty and the Sophomore

Once in a while, someone comes to school and causes a stir. And, more often than not, it's a boy who is either really good-looking, or super talented, entrancingly gentlemanly, smells amazing, or a jerk- a charming jerk. Sometimes it's all five, you never know. I've experienced three of these in my Heritage career:
  1. (7th grade) Good looking, super-talented, and a charming jerk.
  2. (9th grade) Good-looking, funny, and smelled amazing. Probably still does.
  3. (9th grade) Good-looking, super talented, entrancingly gentlemanly. Also, smelled nice.
I thought this might be it. No more eye-candy for me, I'd be fine and dandy the rest of the time. I wasn't counting on another one. The first day of school, Julia, Suzy, and I were all chatting up a storm in the English room, when suddenly there appeared a boy. And he was perfection. Sometimes you meet someone who qualifies as eye-candy, but he was eye-fudge cake. We all caught ourselves staring, and snapped out of it by asking him if we could help him, silently praying for his gorgeous face to light up joyfully, and for him to shout a resounding "yes!"  but he just shook his head in a hypnotically attractive way, and said "nah. I'm *****, by the way." and he shook our hands- SHOOK OUR HANDS! I just about died on site. Attractive, and gentlemanly? What a find! I found myself asking him what grade he was in, and to my overwhelming dismay, he answered plainly "ninth". I almost died on site again.
Later, to my delight, I found that he was in my seminary class! I grinned even wider when he sat right behind me.
 My friend who was sitting next to me leaned over and whispered, "I wish he was a senior!!"
Poor boy. Crowds of girls have been following him around non-stop. I almost feel like a lemming for getting starry-eyed whenever he walks by. At least he's humble about his stunning looks. I mean, how awful would it be to have to come to a new school with the idea that he's beautiful? How embarrassing would it be to admit to the student body: "I'm really attractive"? He has so much on his plate.
Poor boy. Sadie Hawkin's will be a nightmare.

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