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The Audition.

Today was the day I've been anxiously awaiting for I don't know how long. And now it's over.
Only tomorrow will tell if I made it or not, and I'll either love the Pajama Game ten times more, or we'll have a painful breakup. You can tell yourself that you're fine, but it only goes so far- the next time someone mentions the play/musical you didn't make, you can't help but feel a pang of faint sadness washing over you. If I don't make it in, the movie won't be the same. Which is a bummer, because I've really grown rather fond of it.
Enough somber tones, I know you only read when I'm being funny.
So we were on the brink of being late, and worrywart that I am, I almost peed my pants and had a heart attack simultaneously, but as it turned out, we were just fine, because the next group was running ten minutes behind. So we had time. Whew. I bought myself a bottle of water, and tried to concentrate on the task at hand- I could do this, I chanted to myself.
I can do this, I can do this... Oh, snap, what have I done?!
The panic settled squarely in my stomach, and threatened to make me melt away from sheer nervousness. My little group of friends and I prayed, linked pinkies and wished at 11:11- I know, pathetic. Cut us some slack, okay? This is big! Only 25 people get in the show, and I want to get in SO bad, so what's a little superstition among auditionees??
Then we got called in to learn the dance, and we were joined by two others, a boy and a girl. The dance was confusing as heck, so I wasn't feeling too confident about things just yet. When we moved into the other room to learn the speaking parts and singing, my spirits rose a bit- I can sing and act! Piece of cake, right?
Of course right! The speaking was fun and easy, and I did pretty darn well on the singing, if I do say so myself. :^) Then I learned a valuable life lesson that I think you all can benefit from:
Don't worry, my friends, I do not have a Secret Significant Other. I'm talking about another happy couple who decided it'd be romantic or something to audition for a play together. Ugh. *shudders* It was a bit much, if I may be bold. One song we had to sing was "Hey There", and it's a romantic song that they made into a duet for the audition... You can see where I'm going, can't you? They were ALL OVER EACH OTHER. GAG. GAG. GAG.
Sometimes I'm glad I'm single.
Results tomorrow night! Stay tuned!



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