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A tall tale filled with adventure, disaster, and... Hairy legs?

     Once upon a time, in a land far away known as Mesa, Arizona, there lived a beautiful princess named DQ#1. She loved her life in Mesa, amongst the heat and little creatures known as siblings. One day, she discovered a magical scroll that told her how to drive a magical carriage, or car for short,so she studied and studied it, until she had the knowledge required to control it. At last, she reached the proper age, and her Grandfather, King Whetten, and her Uncle, Prince Kliff, escorted her to the palace in a land called Gilbert. There, and only there, could she be tested to see if she had the special skills necessary to operate a magic car. 
     The princess entered the palace, and the smell of thrift stores and chlorine instantly filled her nostrils. She daintily got her eyes checked, and then she sat down on a small plastic throne. Looking ahead, she could see some horrible spilled liquid all over the floor, so she lifted her pretty feet off the contaminated floor, and played a royal game of Word Mole with her adoring Uncle, Prince Kliff. 
     Then her special number was called over a wonderful contraption called a PA system! She rushed over to the small, tired troll who manned the magic desk. He signed many papers and asked for many certificates, cards, and signatures, then he sent her off on another journey to receive the test. She dashed daintily away to receive her test, and an old fairy showed her to a special cubicle where the test would take place. Princess DQ took the test valiantly, and finished with flying colors. Afterwards, she sat back in the plastic throne next to her Uncle, Prince Kliff, and they looked and beheld something so atrocious, so inconceivable, it was almost unbelievable.
It was a hairy wolf-woman, with legs like a hairy man!
But Princess DQ got her magical learner's permit, and she escaped before the wolf-woman could do anything.
That's right, you guys! I got my permit!!!

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