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Picture this.

Imagine seeing this (minus the cactus) right outside your door as you walk down your driveway with your little sister. Imagine your confusion over such a large, strange cloud. It looks like smoke, does it not? Your walking towards it now, no doubt entranced by the sheer size of this massive mystery. You can see it moving, and you are surprised to discover how low to the ground it looks. You notice some neighbors marveling at it also. You think to yourself, "gee. This really isn't a hallucination. It can't be smoke, because we'd have heard of something like this by now, and it doesn't quite look high enough to be a cloud. Could it be fog?" You walk past the neighbors glued to the sidewalk, and you cross the street. Once on the greenbelt, you keep walking, hypnotized. You look to your left, and you can see it move swiftly forward. Your neighbor yells anxiously across to you, "Girls- RUN!!"
And it hits you.
This is not fog. This is a dust storm.
You turn to your sister, grab her hand, and run.
But your measly human speed is nothing compared to Mother Nature. You begin laughing as you scramble over the small hills and grassy dips, but you're kind of scared. What is this incredible beast? You run faster, but the darkness overtakes you. You can't see anything at all, and the wind is picking up- fast. You rush inside, screaming and laughing as you realize you're safe inside. Your mother realizes she left the baby playing out back, and she grabs him just in time. You look out the window, seconds later, and it is black as midnight.
Fun to imagine, right?
It was even more fun to have been the actual person doing that.

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