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I am all-American

Happy July 4th, everyone!! I for one, enjoyed my day to its fullest. It was filled with the most American of activities one could think of. For instance:
  1. We started the morning with a flag raising ceremony at our house, then said the Pledge.
  2. I dressed myself in jean shorts, a flag t-shirt, and a Harley Davidson hat. Very American.
  3. My Daddy and I headed to Wally World and bought fireworks... and wart remover. Then we bought some AWESOME shirts for Geneal and I, but the one drawback is they're dude-shirts. But can you blame us? Girl shirts are not funny. Ever.
  4. Played some Rock Band, and I failed epically at drums.
  5. Crowded the couch to watch the boob tube.
  6. Had a barbecue
  7. Lit some extremely fail-tastic fireworks.
 The aftermath of our glow worms
 Warming up...
 Getting better...
 There we go!

 This was like a strobe light. Funny, this picture reminds me of the sun poking through the clouds... Kinda heavenly.

Oh, wind.

 The boy next door playing with a sparkler and writing an "N" accidentaly
 Little brother and his glow worms

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