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A disaster in the making

A while ago, "my mommy told me about" (she said I needed to insert that right there) a way to curl my hair without heat, or those uncomfortable curlers. Sounds genius, right?
Well, sort of.
All you have to do is get a cloth headband, and wrap your hair all around it. It seemed so simple, so foolproof, that I had to try it. So I bought some headbands, and prepared to try it out. I washed my hair, wrapped it up, and was ready to go! My little sister, Little Miss, tried it too, but with dry hair. So we slept on it, and this morning I awoke prepared to astound the world with my luscious locks. I imagined hair like this, perhaps:
Or, if a little looser, like this:
What I was NOT counting on, however, was this:
(face pixelated to protect the guilty)
It was horrible, it was nasty, it was embarrassing. I looked like Shirley Temple on... on... something terrible. I couldn't even bear to look at myself (having no makeup on didn't help either), and I contemplated jumping in the shower immediately to melt away all evidence that a horrible hair-do had taken place upon my head. But alas, mom wanted to experiment to see if she could salvage my frizzed-out features, a process which took longer then either of us expected. I don't know how it looks now, but one thing's for sure- I am NOT going to face the public today.

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