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Dear Julia... (parts 2&3)

Oh, Julia. So much has gone on these past few days, I'm not sure I can write it all down. But I'll try, because me, being the Einsteinette that we all know and (hopefully) love, forgot my camera charger. So it died. BUT not before I took some amazing pictures! It was quite surprising, really. Who knew that once my photographer-brain is turned on, it can't turn back off? Anyway, I took so many pictures, that I'm going to have to sort them all out according to color on my photography blog- just so people aren't overwhelmed with my inability to let a good shot pass me by. I really should take photography classes.
Moving on.
We drove to Basacheachi on Wednesday, and lemme tell ya, I didn't think we'd EVER GET OUT OF THOSE MOUNTAINS. Ugh, it was horrid. Winding, winding, winding. It's lucky no one barfed all over the car. In fact, no one even got carsick. Prayers really are answered, Julia. Whenever you're in doubt, read that part right there, and it will be reaffirmed to you. :^)
So.. The waterfall was breathtaking. No, literally. It took our breath AWAY. Why? Because we freaking had to walk down a 12093847340 degree incline just to get a better view. If it had side rails and wasn't made of stone, it could be a thrilling slide. But no, we had to walk down that thing, and what hikes down, must hike up. It. Was. A. Nightmare. But for some reason I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. Probably due to all the adults almost having strokes due to the climb back up. Bwahaha. We got back up just in time for it to start drizzling, but we had to stay put because the other carfull of people weren't back yet. A movie and several snacks later, we had to warm up a little frozen 3-year-old who had gotten caught in the rain on the hike. I felt so bad for him, and when his daddy finally got back, he had a fever. (for the record, he wasn't a stranger-boy. My aunt's in law's came with us, and he's their son.)
We traversed back through the mountains at last, in search of  a hotel and some food. Who knew Creel-the town-could be so big? Certainly not me. We ended up in a neon-yellow restaraunt with very low ceilings, and it was quite fun- especially when some tune-deaf people came in and started singing and playing guitars/accordions. Then it got even more fun, because the accordion dude hit on me majorly!
The next day, we explored for a bit and went to Copper Canyon-the Grand Canyon of Mexico. I think I like this one better, because things actually GREW in that canyon, making it ten times more beautiful. Then we went on a cable-car, and lemme tell ya... Coolest. ride. ever. Like, wow it was cool.
Then we began homeward, and disaster struck. A flat tire. We pulled over, and got that fixed, and we went to the store. Mango nectar is now my fave- so very yummilicious. We kept on going after the repair, and we watched another movie in the car. Then disaster struck again- this time in the form of Montezuma's Revenge, aka, The Runs. A member of the other car had to make an emergency stop at some stranger's house in order to relieve himself.
We waited 20 minutes.
Back on the road again, we drove for 40 more minutes when he had to stop again. On the side of the road. So us, being the polite little caravan we were, stopped to wait for them. We stargazed on the road, and even though it wasn'tthe most ideal circumstance, it was a beautiful night. We got started again, after 20 more minutes, and ten minutes or so down the road, things got even worse. The same tire was flat. Again. So we waited even longer. We had to make one more stop down the road, and finally arrived back in Colonia Juarez at 12:37 a.m. We were so exhausted, it was all we could do to just walk in the front door. I (gratefully) got in bed, and then the roof started leaking. On my suitcase.
Needless to say, life wasn't the best last night, but it was sure worth it!
Pictures soon, my dearest!



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