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Dear Julia.... (part 4)

Tonight is a tradition, of sorts. Tonight we will have the Ceremonial Sacrifice Of The Wild Goat. We'll catch one of the Wild Goats that live on The Mountain behind The House. Each of us will pat The Goat three times, and then we'll place it on The Grill. Afterward, we will eat The Wild Goat, and do a rain dance around The Grill.
Wish you were Here!


Just kidding. Wild goats do NOT live on that mountain- trust me. No, tonight is a different tradition. Tonight we will have a giant barbecue and invite the whole village practically to our house to partake of some hamburgers and good company. I really like having a big meal outdoors, because it is almost always lovely weather, and just plain fun. This is where I really start missing you, Julia. This would have been so much fun. I mean, I've missed you like crazy this whole time, but this is just... Kinda sad, honestly. Oh well. But sigh no more, because I, DQ#1 The Great, am coming home tomorrow!! And we can chat! And I can charge my camera! Life is good.



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