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Dear Julia... (part 1)

Since my dearest, darlingest Julia is unable to accompany me to Mexico this time around, I'm going to post some pictures every day of where we are and what we're doing, so she'll be, in a way, included in this vacation! So without further ado, I present the first in a mini-series I like to call Dear Julia!
Dear Julia,
 This is the house, it is a lovely house, and it also happens to be where I am staying.
 This is a patio, it is a lovely patio, and it is where we have barbecues.
 This is a porch swing, it is a lovely porch swing, and it is where we sit.
 This is The Hill, it is a lovely The Hill, and this is where we relax under a big shady tree.
 This is a swingset, it is a lovely swingset, and it is where we... You guessed it... Swing.
 This is the tramp, it is a lovely tramp, and it is where we jump.
 This is the teeter-totter, it is a lovely teeter-totter, and it is where we fall off and hurt our heads.
 This is a cornfield and the Giant Swing, and it is where we gather corn and swing to new heights.
 This is the view from outside the front door. It is a lovely place.

Stay tuned for more, Julia!! It will be faboo!!


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