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An {almost beautiful} disaster

 Last night was the debut of our little show "The American Dream", and it was horrid. If you ask someone who was in the audience, they might not say that. But as one of the performers... Let me be the first to say UGH. The boy who played the Director, was a nightmare. He screamed and yelled throughout the whole play, and seemed overwhelmingly angry at everything- including the numbers he liked. And then, just when it couldn't get any worse, it did. We were going to have someone play George Washington and give a speech, but he didn't contact Ms. Giles at all before the play started. So, her brother desperately tried to create a good speech before it was too late. So when the time came, he walked onstage- after about 45 seconds of agonized waiting. Then, as he started talking, the REAL fake George Washington at last showed up. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, during all this, the Director and the Director's Second Assistant had a very infantile conversation, one that included the Director pretending to kill himself- ONSTAGE. Then when George got onstage, the Director started laughing like a crazy person and said "YOU'RE LATE!!!" really loudly/obnoxiously. I felt like:
But I smiled cheesily through it all.
Then the second show rolled around, and during my interpretive dance, my partner, Hayden, biffed it big time. He was supposed to fall to the floor, and catch himself, but he was so tired he forgot to, and paid for it with a nice goose-egg on his forehead. You could hear the audiences gasps as his head hit the floor. He walked backstage and said it was a shame he couldn't laugh out there, but I could see the tears in his eyes.
The third show, Ms. Giles words FINALLY got through to the Director, and he didn't scream the whole time. I still wanted to strangle him, but the show must go on. I wish I could be the Director instead, but I'm too busy singing Popular! One bright spot in all this? My solo has gone absolutely perfectly so far. I am so proud of myself, and grateful that my directors trusted me enough to assign this to me. All in all, it's been an almost-beautiful disaster, and tonight's last three should be pretty eventful.



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