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Trip log: chapter one.

So... I'm in Mexico.
The trip down went like this: pile into the car, and drive to Walmart. Bought stuff and continued. We made about a million stops in the process, so we didn't get there until like 9:30. To me, that's like eternity. I HATE traveling. I mean, I like it once I get there, but the journey just about kills me. Anyway, we're driving, and we come to the place where a forest fire is a-ragin'. We don't get to traverse through the fire, but we got our share of smoke. That was some serious junk, guys. So much smoke it carried off into New Mexico. It was orangey and depressing and claustrophobic, and it smelled like Lunchables. Me and Geneal kept ourselves occupied by drinking a jar of pickle juice and eating a bag of Cheetos... We're so very health-conscious, we'll gain ten pounds before the week is out. When we got there we played two games of Uno, and then went to bed- I slept like the dead.
Today, I slept in a tad, and then fabulous-ed myself up for the upcoming day. Then I found out something: it is apparently totally normal for a random horse to wander into the yard periodically throughout the day. He's like a stray cat, except he's a horse. It's kind of odd- no, I take that back... It's REALLY odd. I was doing fine until I remembered something sad- Owl City's new album came out today, and I was going to have a little party of one in celebration, which may or may not have included:
But nope. I didn't bring my iPod, and they don't have iTunes. :^( In other news...
I met some new friends today, and we played a lot of Uno ( am I sensing a pattern here?), and I had peaches and cream. That's all the update I have soul enough for, stay on the edge of your seats until tomorrow night, when more thrilling updates will come!



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