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Trip Log: chapter 3.

Nothing too exciting on the agenda today, folks, just went swimming again- this time in a hot spring.
No, we weren't scalded to death.
It's this cool place called... I can't remember. But anyway, they pump water in from a hot spring and you can swim in it! It was a really shallow pool, but I didn't mind in the least. The water is so clean there. No chlorine, not even saline. Just water fresh from the belly of the Earth. It's quite neat to think about, actually, and it was really nice and pleasantly warm.
Then we went home, and I slept.
Then I read.
Then we watched a movie, and I talked to my adoring fans- er, parents. I'm getting really, really homesick.
My aunt Lisa and her friend Edna came today, and we're all going to have a barbecue.



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