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Trip log: Chapter 2

Today, I woke up just in time to get ready to swim! But there was one problem: grandpa. He refused to swim with us, so we had to resort to our most persuasive and whiny voices just to keep him at bay. Finally, he gave in, and with a triumphant cry we all piled into the car for some swimming. Sunscreen applied, we jumped into the pool, where we were immediately greeted by a floating dead spider. I picked it up, against all odds, and lightly tossed it aside. We played games, Thing 1 got frozen, and had many races and contests. Then Thing 1 found the spider and claimed it as his new pet.
After all the pool shenanigans came to an end, it was time to leave. So Geneal got out of the pool to find her glasses... and couldn't. We looked for five minutes and still found nothing. Then Grandma reached into her pocket and pulled out... Her own glasses. Turns out Grandma was wearing Geneal's glasses! That got a good laugh out of everyone, and we headed home.
After lunch, we watched Hunchback of Notre Dame, and it was awesome, seeing as how I've never seen it before.
And that's all for tonight, folks! Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Trip Logs!



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