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Performance review: Seussical the musical- Broadway (Palms) Style!!

Yes, my lovelies, it's true! I, Drama Queen #1 went and saw the whimsical wonder, Seussical! This was a very unique experience for me, mind you, because the last time I did anything especially Seussy, I was onstage being JoJo!
So Broadway Palms is a fascinating place. The gift shop is awesome. They had vintage lunchboxes! It was pretty dern (yes, dern) cool if you ask me.
Then the performance itself.... Well, it was fantasmagorical, splendiferous, fabulicious, amazingtastic, awesomesauce, etc. So very Seussy, I could not even contain myself! I was singing along the entire time, having the same emotions the whole time, and I remembered ALL THE LINES. I'M NOT KIDDING, FOLKS. ALL THE FRICKIN' LINES. Which is a good thing, because it means that Seussical is still a (large) part of this wee little heart of mine. Oh, don't worry, there's room in there for you, too! :^)
And now, the moment you've all been awaiting....
CoMpArIsOn TiMe!!!
School version:
Slower, people took more time to say their lines. This play's emphasis was on the overall message of the story, and was not all about effects and flash and funny character voices. Also, this version included the military scenes (including Jojo's death), and a few other things here and there. Music focused on the quality of the people's voices, it seemed.
Broadway Palms version:
Their potatoes are very tasty.
Very fast- lines were rushed, and very high-energy the whole time. This play was more focused on the flash of costumes and funny storyline than the overall message. Costumes? Totally entertaining to look at (and occasionally gawk), extremely colorful. The characters went into the audience very often, making it fun for the kids, no doubt. The main characters were VERY well done, and they were lovable from the get-go. Horton was very... Hortonish, with his bulk and his funny walk. Not to mention that silly voice- loved him to pieces! Gertrude- adorable, adorable, adorable. She was so sweet, and so in character, I wanted to give her a hug! Jojo- cute little boy- weird to watch for me. So, so weird. He was good, and he did this cute Who-walk to perfection! Cat?
Don't even ask. He. Was. So. Extremely. Cooooool. All I can say is, if a guy can raise his foot over his head repeatedly in black, shiny, velvet-y pants, and manage to be totally and completely hilarious the rest of the time... I want his phone number. Just kidding, he's already engaged. But seriously. That dude is the bee's knees!
And to top it all off, afterward, I met miss Gertrude herself, and got a picture!
Sigh.... It was such a pleasant trip down memory lane. I wanna go see it again!!



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