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Our trip in pictures.

What did we do last week? Well, we:

 Traveled through clouds of forest fire smoke,
 Drank a jar of pickle juice,
 Took some lovely naps in the car,
 Played Uno out the wazzoo,
 Avoided a pesky stray horse,
 Made a new friend,
 Caught a dead spider out of the pool,
 Frolicked with an obscenely large umbrella,

 Had a bad hair day,

 Played on this thingy,
 Drank some agua de melon,
 Tried some fabulicious glasses,
 Inflated balloons,
 Experienced a hand dryer,

 Appreciated the lush scenery,
 Made it back to AZ!!

 Enjoyed our flowing curves (this is for you, Julia!!)
 Grabbed a bite to eat,
 And then... WE SAW...
 An ancient tractor. Still works.
 "Don't laugh at this, you may look even worse someday". The estimated cost to get this truck up and running again was about $120,000 I think. Or more.

 Carriage thingy
 Cute car.
 This is a gun from Spain, made in 1654.
 These were all real antiques from the little museum... leading up to...

 It was a real dead mummy!! (not real-live. Gross!) It was holding a mummified baby, too, so we figure it was a mother. (Or...snicker... a Mummy!)

Then we played Mexicans. Fun, fun!



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