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An open letter to: the people who mock my music. From: me.

My absolute favorite artist is Owl City, and there's no competition. I have all of his albums and singles (except his new one... Grr.), and I am obsessed, which also mean I am defensive. I hate it when people bash it, and I know that everyone has their opinions, but it still steams me. For example, one time I was in Icing, and I heard one of his songs come on.
Me: "Oh, this is my song!!"
Cashier: "What is it?"
M: "Owl City's 'Hot Air Balloon.'"
C: "Oh. All his songs sound the same."
M(clenching my teeth):I don't think so."
Geneal: "Yeah, I agree. His songs do all sound the same".
M(REALLY clenching my teeth): "I dn't thnk so. I lvvvve all hs sngs". - that's me clenching my teeth really hard, so it's difficult to understand.
C: "Like Fireflies, what's that all about?"
G: "I know! His songs are so weird".
Which, technically, wasn't a lie. She said we had ten more minutes, and she had sent it two minutes ago, so I figured we should just get a head start- and away from the cashier so I didn't box her ears.
You can see I don't really have a thick skin when it comes to my music. And yesterday:
Me(despairing over not being able to purchase an OC shirt): "Geneal, they are selling SHIRTS AT BEST BUY!!!" For the record, I should have known not to whine to her. Traitor.
Ruben(walking in unbeknownst to me): "Ohh, dear! *imitates me whining*"
M: "It's an Owl City thing, you wouldn't understand."
R: "Like Cat City?"
M: "Ha, ha. He's my favorite artist, and I just missed buying his new album which came out today."
R: "I like his song 'Fireflies.'" I think he said this apologetically, in a desperate attempt to not make me tear my hair out.
*Ruben looks up an a capella version of "Fireflies" for my listening pleasure. How sweet.*
**Song starts playing**
G: "This song sounds better when this guy sings it. I like his voice better than Adam Young's."
**Song finishes**
R: "His songs don't make any sense." *picks up scissors and starts dancing with them* "Ooh, look. I am dancing with scissors! That's what his songs are like. They make no sense."
G: "I know, right?! His voice sounds fine, but his songs make, like, no sense at all!"
M: "YOU JUST SAID YOU DIDN'T LIKE HIS VOICE!" Traitor alert! Traitor alert!
Then I leave to avoid boxing both their ears. I am SO not okay with people knocking my music. If you're reading this, you've been warned.



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