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Lady and the trampoline

Grandma and Grandpa got a new trampoline, and since I can't jump on it, I figured it'd be fun to sleep on it instead.
I've slept on a trampoline before, and been totally fine, so, you know, why not?
Well, apparently trampolines need to be broken in, or at least older before you attempt to sleep upon them!!
So I recruited Geneal and my darling cousin N, and we transported our bedding to the tramp. We lay down and looked at the stars for a little while, and then drifted off to sleep... Or at least attempted to. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get comfortable, and I couldn't figure it out. Maybe it was my pj's. I usually sleep in shorts or something, but I'd worn pants this time. OR maybe it was... The sprinkler that decided it had to spray nothing but cement over and over again. Cement getting sprinkled on is VERY LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS. I'm a person who values her sleep, and if I can't fall asleep quickly enough, I get mad. Really, really mad. So I made up a mean song to the tune of "here comes the bride", and it sounded like this:
I hate the world,
I hate the world,
I really hate all the
Sprinklers in the world.
I'm not very creative late at night. I do tend to go crazy, but I'm not creative. The juices just aren't flowing much after midnight, and by this time, it was probably three in the morning, another thought that ticked me off. So I finally decided to turn off that cursed thing, and I woke everyone up by fumbling about in the dark looking for a flashlight. I found it, and then crept on over to where I was sure the faucet was, however, I spent ten minutes trying to find the right one, and even then it took me a while to finally get the thing off! I left, satisfied with what I'd just done, and then tried once more to fall asleep.
Twenty minutes later, I decided it wasn't happening, and tried counting backwards from five hundred to try to bore myself to sleep. It didn't work, because I kept getting distracted, and then losing my place, and then I made myself mad, etc. etc. Then N sat up- she was awake, too! At last! A kindred spirit! We discovered that we wanted desperately to go inside, me because I was miserable, and she because there was a mosquito who was getting a little too friendly with her ear. We woke Geneal up and begged for her to come with us, but she refused. It was then that I realized- I would get some sleep whether they liked it or not! So I packed up camp and went back inside alone. What I'd forgotten, was that Ruben, a boy staying with my grandparents for school, was sleeping in the living room in order to accommodate another guest. So I tried my best to stay quiet, because I hate waking people up. Plus, he looked... Kind of cute, sprawled all over the floor. *I do NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM. HE JUST LOOKED CUTE, OKAY?!
I crept quietly into my room, and gratefully sank into a mattress that was much too stiff. I fell asleep instantly, and had horrible nightmares the rest of the night. Then before anyone else woke up, I went back outside to pretend I'd been there the whole time.
Moral of the story? Don't sleep on new trampolines. Also, a penny saved is a penny earned.
Ta for now,

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