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Audition stats

This morning we hustled on over to rehearsal, anxiously awaiting the news that I'm sure excited us all:
who would we be??
I for one, was on the edge of my seat (even though we don't use chairs).
So once the room was populated enough, Ms. Karli announced who was doing what, and...
I get to sing Popular from Wicked!!!! That's one of the only major solos in the program, not to mention it's the first one. HOLLA!! My name is Miss Serena La Fleur in that one, and I play a semi-ditzy Broadway bound auditionee, and a scene later, I am a "Peachiest Performer", dancing to Oh, Susannah, and then I get to be a dancing Texan to the song... I can't remember what it's called. Probably because I'm being hypnotized by Adam Young's delicious vocals. I'm so obsessed.
I guess I'm a triple threat after all! I don't usually consider myself a dancer, but I put all I had into those auditions, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. That's GREAT news for me!!



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