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Update on Les Miserables

Geneal and I auditioned for Les Miserables yesterday, and waited on pins and needles all the day long. Then we decided to play Uno to pass the time, and played eleven games (I won nine) just to get past the boredom. Then at 7:45, we lunged for the computer, to find that....
The cast list would be posted "soon".
Then we waited more, and lunged for Facebook.
They had to make a few last-minute changes.
The status updates were getting frantic, and then...
The cast list was announced.
It had mostly people who have been in a zillion plays (and some whose parents are on the board), and other well-known people. Geneal and I...
Didn't make it in. But you know what? I am totally fine with it, and there will ALWAYS be another play just around the corner. So I'm not disappointed, because I knew I wasn't getting in before I auditioned, and I will survive. Plus, to make everything better, my good friend Parker Roland made it in as an alternate!!



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