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My favorite pizza restaurant, LJ's is closing down, so I figured it deserved to go out with a bang. Meaning, of course, giving it some extra business from myself, of course, and my friends. (This all started when I mentioned that I loved LJ's to a friend, upon being asked what my favorite pizza place was.) Thursday, I rapid-fire texted a whole slew of people, and I'm pretty sure I killed my thumbs. But, I got four people together, plus Geneal and I, and we were all set to go on Friday.
Of course, I would have to have a nightmare about LJ's that night. I dreamt that we lost Andrew at a Walgreens, a gigantic cockroach died on our table, and mysterious pinching crickets got into my socks. Then my friend Julie showed up in a red ball gown with a cheap feather boa, ready to dine with us. We were served syrupy apple juice in chewed-up plastic cups, and then shooed away. Long dream short.... Ugh.
But the real thing was much better.
I haven't been able to let go and have fun in forever, it seems, so this was a much-needed outing. However, nothing goes perfectly, and Parker and Draven ended up walking all the way there. It wasn't as close as you might think, and they got to the restaurant thirsty and starving. We decided on a pizza, and then pigged out. Good thing we got two larges! We were debating on just getting mediums, but in the end chose the better road. Then...

Andrew decided to pepper his pizza. Too bad the lid wasn't screwed on. It was some really fun times.

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