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The perfect attendance story

Last year at the awards assembly in 8th grade, I decided to try for perfect attendance. So this year, I did.
And, although it sounds like a dumb award, it was one of the hardest things I've done.
No kidding.
First of all, don't get sick.
Third, make sure you never get signed out.
And for heaven's sake, do NOT be absent.
So finally, the awards ceremony arrived, and I endured a very long, very boring three hours of pointless sitting. At last...
The perfect attendance awards. I squeal and sit on the edge of my seat, awaiting my name to be called.
28 names are called...
And I do not get called up.
I'm crushed, totally and completely crushed. Everyone else seemed to do it so effortlessly, and I fussed over it for a year- and what do I have to show for it? A stupid, big fat bowl of steaming NOTHING. I held in the tears, and on the way home, my friend Ryan decided to call the front desk to correct the situation. I could have given him a high five, I was so overjoyed. (kissing is awkward) He passed the phone to me, and they said they'd check. Then they called me back and said I'd gotten a tardy on November 16th in Mrs. Patch's class.
That was for YEARBOOK! I told the story to them perfectly (because I knew every detail of that)- I was tardy, but it was excused for yearbook to take a Seussical picture.
They called me back today, and Mrs. Patch couldn't recall, but said I was a girl to be trusted, so I GOT MY PERFECT ATTENDANCE AFTER ALL!!! Honesty pays off, folks. In addition to an awesome certificate, I got $25!! So now I will be taking Julia and Ryan to Jamba Juice to celebrate!

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