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Open mic night

The talent show this Thursday was a tremendous success. Why? Because Julia and I performed our number perfectly! I'm not exaggerating when I say that, either. It was absolutely flawless! Our tonality was rich and lovely, we pronounced everything well, and our timing was right on. And to top that off... It was all a capella!! I couldn't have dreamed for a better performance, quite honestly. We apparently brought some audience members to tears (Facebook tells all), and we gave chills to others (backstage teachers/friends). Then came our encore: open mic night at Julia's voice teacher's studio. We outfitted ourselves to the utmost fabulosity, ready to take on the performing world once again. We arrived, and the small studio was quickly filled with strangers ready to sing, or to listen. We were fourth, and the small audience applauded loudly and cheered when we finished, which means....
Another success for the dynamic duo!!



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