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DQ's first sonnet.


If I lie very still in the dark of the night,

And picture what happened one day

My heart, it feels fuller, for I know I was right-

You told me you loved me that day.

It happened so quickly, I’m still in huge shock,

‘Cause you held my hand gently in yours.

Then when you confessed, my knees went a-knock

And my feet lifted right off the floor.

I opened my mouth; I tried hard to speak,

But you smiled and then quieted me,

With a quick and sure movement that made me go weak-

For your lips kissed so gently, and filled me with glee.

And now, my dear one, when we go a-walking,

My mind fills with that first day, and there’s no need for talking.

Why do I enjoy posting so much poetry? Because. Just because. (pssst- I'd also appreciate feedback! Thanks!)



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