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You know how with musicians, and actors, and just artists in general always have something wrong with them that makes them so artistic? Or they have issues in their lives that make them that way? Does this even make sense? Whatever. I'm going to go on and pretend that you know what I'm talking about.... About being artistically "flawed". For example:
Anyway, a part of me has wanted to have an "artistic flaw" that made me unique, and a good song writer, but I've never found one. Until I realized something... My songwriting pattern!
I always write songs late at night, right before I get into bed. I'll be finishing my routine, and- boom!- an idea strikes me like that! And I have to write it down as soon as I start piecing together different parts of the song, because then I forget it. But if it's written down, I remember the timing, the tune, the rhythm, everything! And it has ALWAYS been late at night.
So... artistic flaw....

Or am I just crazy?



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