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Artist review: Alex Aiono

Alright, I'm going to try to review a music artist every so often, and today I chose...
Alex Aiono.
It's weird to have to classify him as a bona fide artist now, because we've kinda been going to the same school since 7th grade. Anyway, the first song released by him was called "Praying for you", and I actually really loved it. He sang the song with such a pleading tenderness, and it was perfection. (Yes, I bought it, thank you very much.) He has since then released a new song, "Hook", available for free download, and I have to say, I was very disappointed. His first song showed so much promise, a welcome change from the norm of auto-tuned pop stars peppering our music today. However, in his new single, he has already lapsed into the over-produced, predictable mainstream pop, including too much auto-tune. I was so sad, because I wanted him to be different, but alas. I suppose being different is too hard. The song is highly forgettable, and is the same as everything being released now. If you ask me, it is a waste of your time. Sorry, Alex. More of a one-hit wonder, huh?

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