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Another "dude" moment.

As previously stated, the end of the school year is three days away. (NOT the end of the world, folks. Which, quite frankly, is a relief- because if the world ended yesterday, I wouldn't be getting my perfect attendance award.) Today in church, my dad and I were passing notes, and they said:
"Your time in our home is quickly coming to an end. You only have 3 summers left before you graduate."
"I know you are excited by spreading your wings and flying, but savor the time you have with us now. After May 2014 everything changes and you will NOT be able to go back. Carpe Diem."
That was quite a "dude" moment, because it's true. In three summers, high school is all going to be over, and nothing will ever be the same again. There may be some days where I cannot wait to get out and taste real life, but there are also so many days where I am scared of what lies ahead. In five years, I could be married, in college, I may even be a mother in five years. I could have my own house, here or out of state, my own car, a job, a new ward, the list goes on. I can remember saying that about dating and driving (in that order, too!), or about coming into YW, but not about being an ADULT. It's really shocking, and I'm gradually starting to panic.
It's because of this that I will only be attending ONE (1) girl's camp this year. I was originally planning on going to my new ward, and then my older ward, but my parents and I have agreed that I need to make the most memories AT HOME, because in just three summers, I'm out of the house, and that will be it. Life will be changed forever.



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