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Why must I??

Why am I such a hopeless romantic? Sure, it makes life more interesting, and there's never a shortage of cutesy fantasies constantly running through my head, but it's all for naught, it seems. I've never even had a boy have a crush on me, and that is so frustrating, because that's all that happens to everyone else nowadays. Boy drama. I want boy drama so bad, because I feel so out-of-the-loop whenever girls around me start to talk about it. Plus, even my 7 year old sister has had boys running up to her and giving her their phone numbers and telling her they loved her. But me? Nooo. And I know that I'm still young, and something is bound to happen someday, but I hate waiting. And don't tell me that all this waiting will be worth it, and junk like that, because I KNOW all that. I'm well aware, but still. I just want to be held once in a while, okay? I'm getting impatient, and I wish something would just happen. Cupid, I'm talking to you up there. Maybe I'm just a crazy, hormonal teenager, but you have to bear (berrr? Behr? Bare?) with me for the time being. I can't be the only one out there craving a little old-fashioned puppy love, can I? You, too? Let's talk.

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