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Remedies... And what happens afterwards.

So, as previously stated, I got sick yesterday and am now frantically trying to heal myself before Disneyland. (My audition went fabulously, by the way!! Well, according to people who listened. I think I sounded like a man.) In a desperate attempt to break up the ick that was choking me to death, I heated up chicken broth periodically throughout the day, and drank it- a whole, big carton, in fact. The last bit, however, I had to drink on the run, because I had to practice the Talent Show Song That Julia And I Sang, so I put it all into a nice blue waterbottle. Why did I not use my own, you ask? Because it will permanently taste like peppermint, and while that is mostly acceptable, I do not particularly like minty soup-juice. The bottle worked marvelously, and then I forgot to rinse it out after my usage, which is totally uncool to do... Because...
Today, on the way to school, my dear sister Savannah started coughing and said disgustedly,
"WHAT is wrong with my WATER?!"
Heh heh... Oops.

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