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Random acts of kindness

I'm pretty sure that everybody likes it when someone does something totally unexpected and sweet, right? So do I. About an hour ago, my family and I went on a walk, and when I got up to the doorstep, there was a plate of cookies on the ground. And, to top that all off, there was a letter on the front addressed to me! It said :
" Haeley,
Just wanted to thank you for all you do! You are an amazing first counselor, your service is much appreciated! You are so amazing and wonderful! Thank you for all you do for me and the Mia Maids!
♥, McKenzie Huston"

Wasn't that so sweet?! I think random acts of kindness are the best, because they show how much you care. It also inspires you to be a better person, and it makes you want to do the same for someone else.
I can't tell you enough how much this made my day, and I am fully planning on getting her back (nicely)!

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