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The glorious misadventures of Sister-Girl! (as told by me, Drama Queen.)


It's an age-old truth that mothers are superheroes, right? I totally agree, but I also think that big sisters can be almostsuperheroes. That means they're getting there, but they aren't mother-status (because they're not mothers), but I digress.
Today my mother, my father, and my 10-yr. old sister went on a hike for an activity day, and Geneal and I, being the cool big sisters we are, were assigned to watch the three little ones. Just what did that mean? Well...
After that...
I had a moment of sudden inspiration and decided to take the kids out to Wal-Mart (it's right next to our house) to relieve Geneal of her taxing duty- listening to me babysit while watching Ghost Whisperer. So I called the Momsie, got the O.K., and we were off! Upon arriving, we got a cart with the cool double seat thingy, and headed for the produce to see if we wanted treats. I wanted a juice, and who knew? Maybe they would all want one, and we'd be in and out in a jiff! Oh, thou foolish youth.
Thing 1 broke his flip-flop repeatedly, and then he would promptly demand I fix it. Without saying please. :^( Then, Thing 2 proceeded to stand up in the cart, fold himself in half and roll right out onto the floor -plop!- on his head. He wasn't hurt, because the cart had the cool double seats, and it was really close to the floor, but he still let out one shrill screech, which was embarrassing. After that, Thing 1 found some yogurt and placed it lovingly in the cart.
Then it was Lula's turn and she took FOREVER. By then, I was getting so stressed out that I simply had to buy a lipgloss, because those things are like chocolate to me (not that I eat them). So finally, she decided that she'd just get some candy at the counter, and we began to purchase our goodies. I had just bagged the yogurt when Thing 1 decided to desire Cheetos. So then an assistant came over and canceled our purchase.
We finished, and as we were walking out, Lula exclaimed her happiness over buying White Tea gum...
Wait, what?! White tea? I looked at the label, and sure enough, she'd bought white tea gum, but by then it was too late, and Thing 2 was becoming extraordinarily tired; so we went home with a grumpy and cheese-covered baby, a boy constantly losing his shoe, and an irritable seven-year old. I think that adventure deserves at least a little recognition, right? And, may I add, it got hot outside as we were walking home. Yay me.

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