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Today... and yesterday. How about just my week?

We've been doing the Stanford 10 (or Stupid test. Whatever floats your boat) this week, and it has been absolutely, positively, and completely INSULTINGLY EASY. I thought the teachers were just being lame when they said it was easy, but by George, it was true! I breezed through everything like I was talking to a 3 year old. Okay, well, maybe not THAT easy, but still. E.A.S.Y P.E.A.S.Y L.E.M.O.N S.Q.U.E.E.Z.Y, catch my drift? I don't think I need to state that again.
I'm glad it's over.
In other dullish news...
I'm going to be in the talent show(hopefully!)! Alright, I was lying about dullish. I am so jazzed to be able to audition! And to top it off, Julia and I will be making tutu's for our costumes! Woot! I love tutus. Oh! Happy moment of music! I got a free song last week on iTunes, and it is now my JAM. It's called "Hold me", by Jamie Grace. So cute, and it has such a neat message. Happy moment done.
On a more serious note...
Today we watched "The Devils Arithmetic", it's a movie about the Holocaust. It was so sad, and I really didn't start crying until the German's found that a woman in the camp had had a baby, and babies weren't allowed "because they couldn't work," they said. Then I started to cry really hard, to the point of clamping my hands in front of my mouth to keep from outright sobbing out loud. But, thankfully, I wasn't the only one who had lost it, and almost all the girls in the classroom had red eyes, and I'm not the only one who was literally haunted the rest of the day. I completely lost my focus because of that, and I am not looking forward to that unit this semester. I'll just come to class with a box of tissues. Well, later dudes.

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