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Bad habits

We all have them, some worse and more annoying than others, and they are all hard to get rid of. And now, may I present you with...
MY bad habit.
You see, I am a big-time performer, as I am POSITIVE you are aware of by now. And if you aren't- well, that's your loss. I have a little tradition of sorts that pops up just before a performance. I like to call it...
"But DQ," you might say, "that's just silly. Nobody has a habit of getting sick and/or injured before a performance! You're off your rocker." Ohhh, but it's true! Let's start with some of my earliest performances and work our way down, shall we?
  1. Jingle Jive: strep throat
  2. Fiddler on The Roof: got a cold
  3. We The People: broke my middle finger on opening night
  4. Seussical: lost my voice after every performance
I may have skipped one or two plays and show choir performances here and there, but the majority of the time, I've gotten sick. And this time is no different!!! This year, I have a solo in Disneyland, and I'm auditioning for the talent show, and what happens??!?! I get congested, can't talk without sounding like a male teenage frog (low-voiced and constantly breaking), and to top that all off- I twisted my arm in a swing yesterday, and got a yucky owie. But, if this is like any of my previous appearances, I will get better just in time, and be fabulous! I just have to keep praying and have faith, because that's the only thing that's gotten me through the past bouts of bad luck.

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