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A trip to Mexico!

This week for Spring Break, we traveled to Colonia Juarez, Mexico, to spend some time there. It was a blast! I started out with a bad attitude, admittedly, but things got so much better! Here are some fun memories from this past trip:

We got some bread that looked like lips,
Played "the cookie game",
Played on the tire swings,
and the teeter-totter,busted up a pinata,rode horses and got VERY saddle-sorerode on the cable swing, (this is not at all how you are supposed to ride it, I came up with this idea.) (you know you love my teeth)
And got my tooth fixed!! This stupid thing has been bothering me for over a year, and I've gone to the dentist's like four times to get it "fixed", but nothing helped. And then when we went to Mexico, the dentist here re-did the filling and ta-da! I can chew again! I ♥ Mexican dentists.
And to finish...I conquered the PT! I drove 90.7 miles from Janos, Chihuahua to Hachita, New Mexico. This handsome old man (formerly known as Grandpa) taught me! I also drove the Big White Whale- a positively massive van- through the mountain roads. If you know those roads, you know how skinny they are. And if you know the BBW, you know how freaking scary that is. I survived, however, with white knuckles to show for it. :^)

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