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The performance diaries.

Oh. Wow. Have you ever had such a perfect performance you just couldn't get over it? Me too. And... that was pretty much how my night was! Last night was A Night On Broadway...
Otherwise known as our choir concert! Holler!
It. Was. Awesome. And then some, because I had this HUGE HUGE HUGE narration to do for the Men's Choir, and it was seriously the
You think starting the beginning of a whole entire musical is scary? Psh, naw. But narrating.... That is terrifying. I don't even know why I was so scared! Maybe it's the thingy where I get nervous and freeze up and go on the verge of hysterical tears? Or maybe it's the fact that if I miss one line, it'll completely derail me and I'll lose my spot and then I'll (see above^)? I don't know, but I was praying and practicing and repeating and worrying for more than two hours, trying to get a stupid paragraph memorized perfectly! Then it came time do go onstage and actually do it... I quivered like a leaf, and then...
I delivered the narration amazingly.
No- more than amazing, it was splendiferous!! I couldn't believe how seamless it all was! I actually started jumping with joy walking offstage (in the dark, of course). But anyway...
Yeah it was awesome. So stinking happy.

p.s.... I have an idea for a story called "The Choir Wars". Can you guess why? :^)


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