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No doubt.

This weekend has been remarkable. Saturday was the General Young Women's Broadcast, and lemme tell you- it was beautiful! The emphasis this year was on the 2011 mutual theme- the 13th article of faith. The music was fabulous, and the video they showed was truly inspiring. I hope it goes on Mormon.org as a download or something, because it was wonderful!! To top that off, I got to attend it at my old stake center, with Kaitlyn!
Ah, the talks. M.A.R.V.E.L.O.U.S.
I loved Sister Dibb's talk, even though the live feed was kind of off. I liked the talks on kindness, and the stories about the stake that walked 22 miles to the Salt Lake City temple.
Life is so, so good.
And then this Sunday- one of those perfect lessons where it just makes you think positively, and makes you appreciate your family more. I am now planning on doing more activities together as a family because of it!
And then we had a presidency meeting, and it was lovely. In my ward, we do a thing called choosing "The One", where, as a presidency, we think about one girl in Young Women's, and pray for her and see what else we can do as a service. And it amazes me that every time, we have all chosen the same girl unanimously. It has never been a question, one girl mentions who they have been thinking about, and instantly everybody agrees that they've been thinking it, too. It's times like this when it becomes impossible for me to doubt in the existence of Christ and how much He cares for us. He knows when someone needs help, and plants their name firmly in our mind, so we can work together to help them. I love this idea, and it makes my calling as first counselor so much more fulfilling.



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