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Much love.


I was browsing blogs, like, ten seconds ago, and I stumbled on a post about a project that the authors are attempting called Much Love Mondays. What you do is just this:
every Monday, you post a picture with a heart in it- doesn't matter where or what material, as long as it is a heart, and afterward, you post something you love- be it a song, movie, food, or memory. I think it'd be fun, so I'm gonna try it out!

(I took this)

Now... for the thing that I love... It'd have to be:

This stuff is a miracle, I swear. It goes with just about anything that isn't sweet, and I simply drown everything in it. Unfortunately for me, it makes vacations difficult because apparently this amazing substance isn't very common everywhere. I'll just have to get myself a travel-sized shaker full, because life is more complete when you have something like this to spice it up with! Anyway, that's that.

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