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Because I'm bored.

There is a party going on outside in beautiful Mexico, where I am currently staying, but I don't feel like socializing right now. I'll probably get in trouble in like ten minutes, but whatever.
I drove The Big White Whale today.
In case you were wondering, it is the largest van in the history of large vans. Ohhh my. As Grandpa W says, "If you can drive this, you can drive anything". Which is totally true, because after that I drove the PT to the store and THAT, my friends, was a BREEZE.
In other news...
I finished listening to every song on my beloved Penelope. It took about four weeks, but I listened to every single one from A to 123. And it was torturous, because I had (I added 62 more since then) 339 songs and my favorite song was an S. So that took a million years to get through, and in the process, I discovered that I really hate a lot of songs on my iPod. If you're scratching your head ad wondering what the significance of this is, I set a goal to listen to every song on that thing, knowing full well it would be miserable. But I didn't ever deviate from the task at hand, and I never once shuffled. So ha. I have nothing more to say.

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