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Week 1- the beginning.

Hello, my fellow minions, and welcome to the first chapter of an ongoing series I like to call:
J&H- the Rehearsals.
Sounds so official, don't ya think? Anywho (or anyHyde. HA!), I thought I'd share some deets on the rehearsals this week! First of all... We get to have English accents. Yay! Second, my sister got a cast change from just a simple townsperson to the Flower-Seller's mother!! DOUBLE yay!!! And third? Well...
I happen to have a love interest in the play *cue ooh-ing and ahh-ing*, and he also happens to be six foot four. That's one inch shy of being a foot and a half taller than me!! He's also my science teacher's son, and they have pretty much the same voices. Crazy? Yes. Fun as heck? Yep. And we get to waltz!! Fun, fun, FUN! And because you are all interested in seeing how short I am (and you just loooove a good waltz), I will now show you pictures.
Yep. I'm that small.
Gracefully spinning on the dancefloor.
Yes, we were cast together for a reason.



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