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So... The moment you've been waiting for. Regionals announcements! Of course, there's a story attached. (what's a good post without one?)
So I'd pretty much calmed my nerves completely about this whole Regionals thing, I wasn't worried about anything. But, I am influenced by my friends all too easily at times, and this was no different. We discussed it in the car on the way to school, and decided that we would rush to the music room to find out the results as soon as our fabulous feet hit the pavement. So, we hurried to our lockers and zoomed over to the music room like Olympic medalists.
The stinkin' door was locked. Sigh...
So we put our stuff away and ran back. Yep, still locked. We stood outside in the chilly morning air, waiting for our fate to be sealed. We finally begged another teacher to unlock the door for us, because we were freezing and not willing to go anywhere else. So we went in and huddled by the cabinets. A fellow auditionee joined us, also curious about the news. So our group continued to grow until there was about seven of us waiting impatiently. Every time the squeaky door opened, our heads would rapidly swivel in that direction, becoming disappointed every time, like a family waiting for their returned missionary to exit the plane. Doors open- collective gasps. Smallish seventh grader enters- aggravated scoffs all around. Finally the choir director comes in... we ask her.... And she knows nothing of it. Ugh x10000. We wait for the accompanist, Mrs. Loose, who knew all, to enter. The first bell rings. We waited a little longer, but finally gave up. Went to class and spent the whole period on the edge of our seats. After class, we ran over to the music building to find out what was going on, and
I didn't make it.
But you know what? I don't care. I mean, sure it would have been nice to have gotten in, but I'm only a freshman and I have a few years ahead of me! Now I know what it's like so I can anticipate it better. I'm glad to have had this experience nonetheless. :^)

-DQ#1 p.s. Rehearsal today was awesome!!!! Details soon!


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