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Adventures in babysitting...

Last night I got to babysit two adorable little girls as their first babysitter outside of the family! I'm so lucky. :^)
Anyway, to spare you the boring details (it was a delightfully uneventful night), I'll just highlight two fun things that happened that evening.
The minute I walked in, I was cheerfully greeted by one little redhead (the elder rode in the car with me). I was fully expecting total shyness or maybe a wail of anguish, but instead, I got a huge knee-hug! I was shocked, but I would take this over anything.
After I had put the baby to bed, the oldest little girl (who is three) and I were playing a memory game when she looked up at me and said,
"You don't look how I thought you would."
"Oh, really? What did you think I would look like?" I asked, expecting a hair color description, eye color, etc.
"Well, I thought you'd be pretty," she stated simply. Choking back a giggle, I replied,
"Oh yeah? How do you think I look instead?"
"Um... Ya look kinda funny... But... It's okay," She reassured me. I'm just glad that my humorous appearance didn't frighten her. I love babysitting!! :^)

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