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Voice Lessons- Part I

I started voice lessons today! After about a year or so of wishing and wanting (and possible even whining)- I FINALLY get to begin! Earlier this week, my mom told me that the next day we'd go to see a potential voice teacher, and my spirits soared. At last, my dream come true! Could this day get any better?! We talked about it some more, and discussed other teacher options. So we looked up a few more, and then I remembered something- a bumper sticker I'd seen on one of my old neighbors cars with a website on it. I still remembered the address, and casually brought it up to my mom, thinking almost nothing of it.
I'd discovered the site a few months back, while on a walk, and wrote it down. Later, I went onto the site and was instantly intrigued. This teaching method was totally different than any other I'd heard of before- Speech Level Singing.
So, after I had discussed it with my mother, she called the lady who teaches voice, and it turns out that they knew each other when they were very young! Cool! So then we scheduled a lesson, and it went like a dream. I love voice lessons!



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