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The simple things.

One Sunday, I was talking about being off sugar. My little brother passed me, and I teasingly asked him if he would like to go off sugar with me. He responded with a very excited yes, and then proceeded to ask:
"Are we gonna walk or drive there?"
Because apparently, going off sugar is actually a place. I told him we'd walk, and for the past week, almost every day after school, we go "sugar". This is what we do.
Holding hands is a must for going "sugar." As Thing 1 says, "Holding hands is good to do".
The next thing we absolutely MUST do is squish some purple olives on the sidewalk at a house down the street.
Oh, and it's also a tradition to be terrorized by an innocent dog. You know how it goes. (That's his "scared face".)
Then we climb on some fun things for a little bit.

Then we throw stuff at the power tower. See that brown splotch? That's the thrown object.
Then we drop random items down some holes.
After that we hunt down some dandelions, and leave just in time to enjoy the sunset.
Have I mentioned Demetri yet? No? He's my froggy ring I got for Christmas, and he's my absolute favorite piece of jewelery. The funny thing? It's Thing 1's favorite, too. He talks to Demetri, asks him questions, plays with him, the whole nine yards. He's even asked if he could sleep with my ring! Oh yeah- how this ties in. On these walks, he doesn't hardly ever talk to me, it's always Demetri. Yesterday he said that he was his best friend. How cute is that?
Yeah, sometimes it's hard to be a big sister, but it's soo worth it. I wouldn't trade my siblings for the world.

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