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Results? Yes, please!!


Have you been on the edge of your seat, friends? I bet you have. Well, so have I! I've been very wrapped up in the mere thought of making either of these opportunities, and I've also been absorbed in the thought of NOT making it. Well, today is the day that I found out about Jekyll and Hyde. Yes, I'll tell you the story (as previously guaranteed).
So this weekend I have resided on pins and needles, simply itching to know the results and almost going mad (okay, you got me. I'm already crazy) with the anticipation. So this morning, I had planned to get up early and do my Spanish homework (4:00 am, to be exact), and I remembered what my friend Amber had told me. I quote: "Sometimes they post the cast list at eleven p.m. Sunday, so if you wanna check..." Oh boy, did I! But I needed my beauty sleep, so I went to bed, thoughts churning with snippets of many things, such as:
Then I drifted off blissfully...
only to be jarred awake by my loud alarm, marking 4:00 sharp. After snoozing a little, I finally got up and went to the computer. I lazily clicked into my email- total habit-, and I saw it; a whole slew of the usual Facebook notifications. Ugh. I deleted them hastily and was planning on opening up a new window when a peculiar email caught my attention. Huh... Wait... What? Does that subject line really say

Congratulations!!! Welcome to the cast of Jekyll and Hyde!

or "Congratulations! We're now going to tan your hide!"? Uh... Um... Oh, sweet golly
I'M INNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then that feeling washed over me again. The jittery, oh-my-heck-did-this-amazing-thing-really-just-happen feeling that starts in your stomach and spreads quickly through your being, leaving you quivery and stunned. I also had that feeling here.
It's one of the best feelings ever, in my opinion. Then, I got over my ego and scrolled down to see my sister's name, too!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! I don't remember who else is in it, other than me, G, Ryan, Amber, and Christina, because I'm so thrilled.
-sidenote-If you're curious about Regionals, the results haven't shown up yet. Bummer, I know, but I'm okay because I'm in Jekyll and Hyde!
Oh yeah. I should probably tell you who I am! I am Miss Ernestine, the character I wanted! :^) She's also a main, so that ups the cool-osity of this whole shebang. In the reply email I got after I sent a huge thank-you, the general manager of AYT told me this:
"they really liked the way you did the part. :) (obviously!) Congratulations!"
I cannot tell you how happy that made me, knowing that not only did I win epically, they REALLY liked me! It's a great boost to know that.



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