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Because you're all dying to know...

I finished my weekend of auditioning with a...
I know, I know, I don't have the results of either so I shouldn't be so down on myself, but it's still a letdown. Alright fine, I'll tell you the dirty details. But that is all.
The AYT auditions were actually quite fun, and I think I might have a shot at it- which is awesome, because I want the part! (don't ask me who yet, because I don't know the character list well at all). Anyway, we lined up to go trumpet our artistic genius to the world, and went in to the audition room to meet with our potential directors. We introduced ourselves, and then went on to describe what our "dark side" was. Mine was... you guessed it! A temper and a tendency to procrastinate. Then we read through some lines from the play with another person, in my case, a boy. Because it was a boy-girl scene, you see. There was six girls and three boys, so the boys would have a great chance to impress the directors. One of my good guy friend's came to audition as well, and we ended up doing the scene read-through together. Piece of cake?
Not so much. More like an awkward tortilla.
Why, you ask? The first line was:
Hyde- "Well, you are delectable!"
Try doing a scene like THAT with a FRIEND, and you get insta-weird! Add
Hyde- "you're not getting away from me. I like the look of you- I like the smell of you", and you get just downright odd. But... I think I kicked some booty if I do say so myself. :^) Even though I may not get in, I know that the audition couldn't have gone better! So after this audition I felt like
And I then felt... Scared outta my wits for Regionals- with good reason. The song I'd prepared was higher up in my range, and it was hard. On top of that, the accompaniment didn't match the vocal melody AT ALL, PEOPLE. AT. ALL. So it was a struggle. I got there, forgot my ID, called my old choir teacher to prove my existence, and started praying. Hard. Then I swallowed my nerves and went up to the audition rooms. To cut to the chase, I got in there and began. Remember the nerves I swallowed earlier? They leaked out of my pores apparently, because I began shaking like the fake leaves piled up questionably on a nearby desk, my head started to itch like I'd shampooed with ants, and I
Yup. You read it right. I forgot a line, stopped in the middle of the song, and had to get a cue from dear, sweet, loving Mrs. Loose (who is the nicest person on this planet). I finished the song in a deeper shade of red then I had started with, and left the room gratefully. Later (much, much later), it was time for SightReading. Ohh, did you hear that creepy ominous music start to play? *shiver* I finished, and almost ran out. Three words: Mis Er Able. Then in the car I burst into tears. I felt so cheated, so disappointed, so embarrassed! How could I have messed up like that? I'd worked so hard for this and now my heart was being torn into little shreds by a simple audition! I didn't even know how I did yet! It was the nerves I'd been carefully sealing finally bursting out of me and expressing themselves. Then my dad told me something and it dawned on me: I probably didn't do as bad as I thought I did. I had also taken a giant leap in my experience level, and I had more chances. All in all, I lived through it. I can do hard things.

-DQ#1 (p.s... the results on both will be posted Monday! Probably with another long story as well. Thank you all for your finger-crossing!)


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